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Zika virus

DNA-Based Zika Vaccine: Infection Protection

As the global spread of the Zika virus continues, efforts are underway to halt the disease’s transmission. While no licensed therapies or vaccines to protect against the Zika virus are currently available, new research published in the journal npj Vaccines demonstrates how a synthetic DNA vaccine approach successfully protected against infection, brain damage and death […]

Lead scientist John Gordon (foreground) and Wojciech Dawicki (background)

New Promise for Curing Food Allergies

“This discovery reverses food allergies in mice, and we have many people with allergies volunteering their own cells for us to use in lab testing to move this research forward,” said professor John Gordon, lead scientist behind the discovery just published in the current issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. The findings […]

Birth control pills

Some Birth Control Pills: Breast Cancer Risk?

Women who recently used birth control pills containing high-dose estrogen and a few other formulations had an increased risk for breast cancer, whereas women using some other formulations did not, according to data published in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. “Our results suggest that use of contemporary oral contraceptives […]

Man smoking an e-cigarette (stock image).

Smoking electronic cigarettes kills large number of mouth cells

A large number of mouth cells exposed to e-cigarette vapor in the laboratory die within a few days, according to a study conducted by Universit√© Laval researchers and published in the latest issue of Journal of Cellular Physiology. Dr. Mahmoud Rouabhia and his team at Universit√© Laval’s Faculty of Dental Medicine came to this conclusion […]