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This cutaway image of Pluto shows a section through the area of Sputnik Planitia

Is There a Subsurface Ocean On Pluto?

A liquid ocean lying deep beneath Pluto’s frozen surface is the best explanation for features revealed by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, according to a new analysis. The idea that Pluto has a subsurface ocean is not new, but the study provides the most detailed investigation yet of its likely role in the evolution of key […]

Meteorite accumulation at Victoria Crater.

Meteorites reveal lasting drought on Mars

The lack of liquid water on the surface of Mars today has been demonstrated by new evidence in the form of meteorites on the Red Planet examined by an international team of planetary scientists. In a study led by the University of Stirling, an international team of researchers has found the lack of rust on […]

Hellas depression

A Funnel On Mars: Good Place to Look for Life

A strangely shaped depression on Mars could be a new place to look for signs of life on the Red Planet, according to a University of Texas at Austin-led study. The depression was probably formed by a volcano beneath a glacier and could have been a warm, chemical-rich environment well suited for microbial life. The […]

Zika virus

DNA-Based Zika Vaccine: Infection Protection

As the global spread of the Zika virus continues, efforts are underway to halt the disease’s transmission. While no licensed therapies or vaccines to protect against the Zika virus are currently available, new research published in the journal npj Vaccines demonstrates how a synthetic DNA vaccine approach successfully protected against infection, brain damage and death […]

Lead scientist John Gordon (foreground) and Wojciech Dawicki (background)

New Promise for Curing Food Allergies

“This discovery reverses food allergies in mice, and we have many people with allergies volunteering their own cells for us to use in lab testing to move this research forward,” said professor John Gordon, lead scientist behind the discovery just published in the current issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. The findings […]

Birth control pills

Some Birth Control Pills: Breast Cancer Risk?

Women who recently used birth control pills containing high-dose estrogen and a few other formulations had an increased risk for breast cancer, whereas women using some other formulations did not, according to data published in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. “Our results suggest that use of contemporary oral contraceptives […]

Computer visualisation of villi-like battery material.

New generation smartphone battery inspired by the gut

A new prototype of a lithium-sulphur battery — which could have five times the energy density of a typical lithium-ion battery — overcomes one of the key hurdles preventing their commercial development by mimicking the structure of the cells which allow us to absorb nutrients. Researchers have developed a prototype of a next-generation lithium-sulphur battery […]

The intensity of FRB 150807 at different radio frequencies or colors -- red corresponds to lower frequencies and blue to higher frequencies. The x-axis is time. The fine structure in the burst is the scintillation or twinkling--the rays interfere constructively and destructively differently at different frequencies. This pattern provides insights into the turbulence in plasma towards the burst.

Bright radio bursts probe universe’s hidden matter

Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are mysterious flashes of radio waves originating outside our Milky Way galaxy. A team of scientists, jointly led by Caltech postdoctoral scholar Vikram Ravi and Curtin University research fellow Ryan Shannon, has now observed the most luminous FRB to date, called FRB 150807. Though astronomers still do not know what […]

Adult beluga whales are migrating through fractured sea ice in the Alaskan Arctic.

Impacts of climate warming, declining sea ice on Arctic whale migration

Declines in the Arctic sea ice are arguably the most dramatic evidence of the effects of current climate warming on ocean systems. Native peoples of the far north have long appreciated and relied upon the migrations of animals with the changing seasons, including some of the largest and least studied, the Arctic whales. While sea […]

Man smoking an e-cigarette (stock image).

Smoking electronic cigarettes kills large number of mouth cells

A large number of mouth cells exposed to e-cigarette vapor in the laboratory die within a few days, according to a study conducted by Universit√© Laval researchers and published in the latest issue of Journal of Cellular Physiology. Dr. Mahmoud Rouabhia and his team at Universit√© Laval’s Faculty of Dental Medicine came to this conclusion […]